Nghe An: police force beats up and arrests two soccer teams: No-U FC Hoang SA Hanoi and No-U FC Vinh

VRNs * Translated by Jasmine Tran (Danlambao) – (15.12.2013) – Nghe An – At 13:30 this afternoon, police force and security agents in both uniform and plainclothes prevented a friendly soccer game between the two teams No-U FC Hoang SA Hanoi and No-U FC Vinh. Security agents brutally assaulted the players and fans who were coming to support their teams on the soccer pitch of Nghe An Economic College .
Facebooker Luong Tam, Kim chi, Tay Nguyen, Mat Cuoi and their two friends, from Hanoi, all were viciously beaten up.
Facebooker Mặt Cười.
Facebooker Luong Tam said: “When everybody gathered at the soccer pitch, a man in casual clothes turned up and entered the pitch, asking us not to wear the top printed ‘Hoang Sa – Truong Sa belong to Vietnam’, as, according to him, these tops were politically implicating. But we objected to his demands, asking him how and what he defined as politics… When facebooker Mat Cuoi raised her camera to take their picture they pulled her hair and beat her up. They said we were not allowed to take pictures, but there was no signage in the place that forbade taking pictures. After that, they arrested Facebooker Mat Cuoi and took her to Ha Huy Tap Ward police station. As for myself, I was struck leaving a bump on my head, face swollen, and eyes bruised. Everybody went to the police station asking for the release of our friends but the police did not let them go.” 
Ms Kim Chi, sister-in-law of the prisoner of conscience Nguyen Dinh Cuong and who is 4 months pregnant, was there and let us know: “They told me – you are pregnant – then go home, do not stay there and say a word – then one of them grabbed and pulled my hair, another one hit me. I have scratches on my body, and my head hurt. They also grabbed Facebooker Mat Cuoi’s hair and brutally beat her up.”
“Playing a friendly soccer game between teams is a normal activity, but policeman and security had prevented us from doing so, and beat us up. They even beat the women. Our motorcycles were kept at the supervised motorcycle parking, but police came there, confiscated our motors and took them to the ward. They then asked us to show our registration papers and made us to go home to get the motorcycle papers and our driver’s licences. But what they did was very absurd, our motorcycles were sent in the supervised parking, though there was nothing illegal about it, the motors were taken. The way they acted was totally inhuman!” Kim Chi said, indignantly.
Lawyer Nguyen Van Dai commented: “This is the work of thugs, despite the law of Nghe An security authorities. Everybody should speak out about that.”
As VRNs has reported last night, 14/12, the NO-U FC Hoang Sa Hanoi team was arrested and detained at Dien Hong (Dien Chau) commune traffic police station 1.5 whilst on the way to Vinh to play the friendly game. At the station, the police confiscated all No-U uniforms and maps labelled “Hoang Sa and Truong Sa belong to Vietnam”.
Afterwards everybody managed to find transport to Vinh and stayed the night at Nguyen Thi Hoa’s home – village 4, Nghi Phu commune, Vinh city. Ms Hoa is the mother of the prisoner of conscience Nguyen Dinh Cuong. All the while, secret security officers continued to “guard” all night and all day.

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