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Hour Before the Trial of Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan, Phan Thanh Hai

Blogger Hanh Nhan said: “The two witnesses who are also members of the Free Journalists Club, Uyen Vu and Tao Lao were but summoned to the hearing this morning but were stopped by “aggressive undercover policemen.”  Blogger Uyen Vu, wearing a black shirt, was stopped by eight thugs as he was leaving his house.  Blogger Tao Lao, meanwhile, could not be contacted.Blogger Hanh Nhan claims: “I am boycotting this trial of these 3 bloggers! Because it certainly is not fair, not lawful and not open to the public so I will not attend such a scene. I curse whoever wants to arrest me today.”Duong Thi Tan told VRNs that at 07 o’clock this morning she and her son, Dung, was immediately arrested as soon as he stepped out of the house and his current where about in unknown.  Ms Tan was not allowed to go and instead, was asked to go to the police station for questioning, but she refused because of she was feeling ill and she retreated to her house to take her medication.  Currently, there is still a massive amount of police and security forces in front of her house on Pham Ngoc Thach street.Ta Khoi Phung, sister of Ta Phong Tan, arrived by car from Bac Lieu, and was present at the Supreme Court in Saigon at 06 o’clock in the morning, sitting on the bench waiting for the courtroom. But at 07 o’clock, when she started to head into the courtroom, she was stopped.Officials require that family family members would need summons of the Court in order to attend the trials but in reality, no one has been notified about the necessary paperwork.   Phung told police: “She is my sister, I have the right to see how you guys will judge her!”